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i know it's been ages ago since this movie was shown in theaters, but as most people know, i'm not a movie house buff. hence, i'm always months behind when it comes to movies since i only watch vcd/dvd versions borrowed from friends.

well... i was really disappointed.

for one, the writers created a totally different story line. i prefer the comics and TV versions more, for obvious reasons. another irritating factor is that the movie (the whole trilogy, to be exact) is wolverine-centric. i have nothing against wolverine. in fact, he's one of my favorite characters, but hello! this is supposed to be an x-men movie, not just wolverine's. i also hated the fact that scott was made to seem like the other guy, when he's the husband (or they must've overlooked that). and there's also the demise of scott summers. i don't mind if it is vital to the plot --- professor x's and jean's were reasonable, but scott's? you have to be kidding me. he appears only once, and he dies. whatever! the lines were a bit predictable (not to mention, overused), too.

oh well.

the saving grace was aurora and, well, yeah, logan. good acting from halle berry and hugh jackman (yum!). my roomie and i kept hoping that at some point logan would bump his head and end up kissing and eventually falling in love with aurora instead (storm+wolverine is stubborn love!).

i have to clean my room now. so much stuff to do.
the buhawi community --- eiennoarashi --- was officially launched today. *yey!*

a little party was held in celebration of such a *momentuous* event. also, we celebrated 嵐の 7th year of togetherness and our beloved 松潤の誕生日.

here's to wonderful days ahead of us. *cheers!*
happy birthday, matsujun!